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Here You can purchase tickets to one of the three units of the Jagiellonian University: Museum, Botanical Garden and Nature Education Centre. The online store is going to be opened soon.

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The Jagiellonian University Museum represents the academic heritage lasting for more than 600 years which mainly draws from the history of education, but also the past of our country. The institution is based in the oldest Polish university building that remains in service even today in various representative functions.

Botanical Garden

The oldest Polish botanical garden established in 1783. This green oasis located in the centre of Cracow is the home for more than 8,000 different plant species. An exquisite place for recreation, education, and cultural events.

Nature Education Centre

A place that lets you learn about the Earth's history, organisms living in various environments, processes that shape our surroundings, minerals, fossils, and reconstructions. A natural history collection that dates back to 1782.

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